Military/Police/Law Enforcement/Secret Agent Romance Recommendations

Behold! More recommendations from our lovely and immensely well-read readers. Also of possible interest: I’ve also updated the Vampire Romance recommendation list.

Becca recommends the first few books in Catherine Coulter’s FBI series.

Lynn M. recommends pretty much everything Suzanne Brockmann has written, especially her Navy SEAL books, but in she likes these in particular:

  • Get Lucky
  • The Admiral’s Bride
  • Harvard’s Education
  • Out of Control
  • Over the Edge

AngieW recommends:

  • Catherine Coulter’s FBI series, except for the last book. The Maze is her favorite.
  • Decoy by Jasmine Creswell
  • The “In Death” series by J.D. Robb
  • The early Navy SEAL books by Suzanne Brockmann
  • Susan Andersen, especially Be My Baby
  • Getting Rid of Bradley and What The Lady Wants by Jennifer Crusie
  • Dream Man, Kill and Tell and All The Queen’s Men by Linda Howard
  • Elizabeth Lowell, especially Tell Me No Lies
  • Brenda Joyce’s Deadly series
  • Loaded by Shari Shattuck

Shannon recommends:

Amanda recommends Suzanne Brockmann and Cathie Linz’s Men of Honor series.

Candy recommends Getting Rid of Bradley and What The Lady Wants by Jennifer Crusie.

Nicole recommends:

  • Christina Skye’s SEALs series: Code Name: Nanny, Code Name: Princess, and Hot Pursuit
  • Alison Kent’s SG-5 series: The Bane Affair, The Shaughnessy Accord, The Samms Agenda, The Beach Alibi, The McKenzie Artifact
  • Gennita Low: The Protector
  • Joanne Rock (Harlequin Blazes): His Wicked Ways and Silk Confessions
  • Dana Marton (Harlequin Intrigues): Shadow Soldier and Secret Soldier

Robyn recommends

  • Catherine Mann’s Wingmen Warriors series.

    Gail recommends:

    • Catherine Mann
    • Suzanne Brockmann
    • Merline Lovelace in general, and Duty and Dishonor in particular
    • Vicki Hinze, especially Acts of Honor
    • Susan Andersen, especially Be My Baby
    • Michele Jerott/Michele Albert, especially Getting Her Man and Off Limits
    • Still Mr. & Mrs. by Mary McBride

    Mary recommends the following books by Merline Lovelace:

    • Single Titles about the Military:  Call of Duty, Duty and Dishonor, Line of Duty
    • Code Name Danger, a series about spies: Night of the Jaguar, The Cowboy and the Cossack, Undercover Man, Perfect Double, Hot as Ice Texas Hero, To Love a Thief
    • And also:
    • Olga Bicos: Perfect Timing
    • Suzanne Forster: Blush and Innocence (spies)
    • Tami Hoag: Night Sins (FBI)

    Senetra recommends Exposure by Susan Andersen and Loaded by Shari Shattuck.

    Maili recommends:

    • Theresa Weir’s Bad Karma
    • Marilyn Pappano’s Murphy’s Law
    • Debra Dixon’s Bad to the Bone
    • Michele Jerott’s Absolute Trouble
    • Sandra Canfield/Karen Keast’s Conquer the Night
    • Nikki Camden’s The Nekkid Truth

    cw recommends:

    • Doranna Durgin’s novella in Femme Fatale
    • Nora Robert’s NIGHTSHADE
    • Sandra Brown’s Fat Tuesday
    • Stephanie Doyle’s Calculated Risk (HEA implied)
    • Linda Howard’s Midnight Rainbow, Diamond Bay, and “Blue Moonâ€

    Helen recommends an anthology called In Love and War, especially Merline Lovelace’s “A Military Affair.”

    Karen recommends Kathryn Shay’s Hidden Cove series: After the Fire, On the Line, and Nothing More to Lose, as well as Promises to Keep.

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  1. 1

    Am I the only Linda Howard fan here?  I also recommend All The Queen’s Men, Mr. Perfect, Open Season and Cry No More, which has an operative who works with the cops.  Sometimes.

    And for spy/secret agent recommendations, there’s the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett.  Not exactly romance, but with a hero to die for. And women often do.

  2. 2
    AngieW says:

    No, I recommended some Linda Howard, if you look at my list.  Sarah has given me much grief about that, in the past. I don’t care, I can take it like a woman.

  3. 3
    Katidid says:

    I’m with the two of you. I can’t stand most crime/thriller romances, but I’m always totally happy to read Linda Howard.

  4. 4
    LFL says:

    One that I love is and that hasn’t mentioned before is Meagan McKinney’s A Man to Slay Dragons.  It’s a really good romantic suspense book with an FBI agent hero.


  5. 5
    LAReader says:

    Wow, Meagan McKinney:  What ever happened to her?  I really enjoyed her historicals (When Angels Fall, Lions and Lace, etc) from the late 90’s.  Not so much her more recent books (Moonlight Becomes Her). I haven’t seen her come out with a new book in couple of years at least…..

  6. 6
    dl says:

    Fun stuff here, new names to add to my TBR stash.

    It seems that many of my traditional “auto buy” authors are publishing cookie cutter stuff. The more recent offerings from such authors as Julie Garwood, Suzanne Forster, Suzanne Brockman, Elizabeth Lowell, Linda Howard, etc. have seemed flat and stale.  Is it just me, or should I just move on to some newer authors?

  7. 7
    Alyssa says:

    Wow, how did I miss this list? Most of my favorites have been listed by others, thankfully, but if I think of any others, I’ll come back and add them.

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