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From Kate Rothwell’s blog cometh this very interesting tidbit concerning Medallion Press’ status as an RWA-approved publisher:

From Wendy Burbank of Medallion with permission to forward: “Medallion Press has received a letter from the Executive Director of RWA stating that our status as a publisher was revoked in error.”

Man, I’m just sooo freakin’ curious about what went on over here. For a while there it sounded as if Medallion had kinda dropped the ball, but now… Huh.



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  1. 1
    HelenKay says:

    You thought this was a Medallion mess?  See, now, I’m thinking you somehow forgot about RWA’s year of living stupidity.  This appears to be one in a long line of 2005 screw-ups.  Honestly, RWA could use a PR person.  Preferrably someone with an IQ.  I wonder if Gayle Wilson plans to get any writing done after she takes over RWA headquarters.

  2. 2
    Candy says:

    See, it went back and forth, back and forth as to whether it was Medallion who had dropped the ball or whether it was another RWA fuckup.

    With this latest announcement, the pendulum has swung over to the other end.

    Really, I’m beginning to think Sarah and I should create a new blogging category called “RWA BoD Fuckups 2005.”

  3. 3
    HelenKay says:

    That topic would take over your site, leaving room for nothing else.  Maybe a second site is the answer….

  4. 4
    Anna Lucia says:

    Well, good.  I’m glad.

    (Yeah, I know.  Not very smart or bitchy, but hey, I’m a marshmallow really)

  5. 5
    Ellen Fisher says:

    Count me as another person who said, “Hey, maybe it is Medallion’s fault.”  But I was clearly wrong, and I hereby retract my comments:-).  Anyway, for the sake of Medallion’s authors, I’m glad this has all been straightened out.

  6. 6
    Ellen Fisher says:

    Heyyyyy… what’s with the madly grinning smiley?  I just put a : and a – and a ) and next thing you know I’m grinning like a lunatic.  Ack! Someone put that smiley on medication!

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