Corrections to Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger

I know, hard to believe, but we Smart Bitches are not infallible. We found out last night that we made at least one error in our review for Cindy Cruciger’s Revenge Gifts. Go to the review and the review comments for more details.

Smart Bitches extends an apology for the factual error.

If any of you spot any factual errors in our other reviews, please feel free to contact us and beat us thoroughly over the head with a dead fish. We’ll get the corrections done ASAP.



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    Stef2 says:

    Well, since no one’s saying anything about this, I may as well go first.

    I admire the Smart Bitches for correcting the error.  And I admire Cindy for saying what she thinks over on her blog.  It’s so lovely when people play nice with each other.

    I don’t know if the book’s in stores yet – isn’t it a September release?  But I know for sure that I’ll be buying it.  Cindy rocks!  If for no other reason than because she sent her arc here for reviewing.

    Me – my nuts aren’t big enough.

    Oh, wait.

    I don’t have nuts.  Dammit.


  2. 2
    FerfeLaBat says:

    Aww go on and send it Stef.  Candy and Sarah are probably the only safe and civilized fun you’ll get to have with a review on your book. 

    Everyone else is so freaking serious and sometimes downright vindictive—not to me yet—but I’ve seen it aimed at others from reviewers.

    That scene in “The World Acording to Garp” (where they are about to buy a house and a plane crashes into it and Garp says, “We’ll take it!  It’s pre-disastered!”) keeps playing in my head for some odd reason. I have no idea why.

  3. 3

    OMG, Cindy!  I love that scene!  And it’s too weird, because I was just talking about it a few days ago.  We must be soul mates – or something.

    Nah on sending the book – Smart Bitches don’t do category.  As for other reviews, they’re going good.  RT upped my second book to 4 stars, instead of the 3 I got on No. 1 book.  And elsewhere, we’re hanging in there.

    Maybe that’s why I didn’t send either of them to AAR – my precious ego is way too fragile.

    (And yeah, I’m kidding.  I guess I just didn’t think about it, to tell the truth.  Until all the ruckus recently about Jesus and stuff, I wasn’t actually aware of AAR.  See?  I told you I live under a rock.)


    p.s. – So what’s up with Revenge Gifts?  Isn’t it a September release?  Or should I be stalking Barnes and Noble now?

  4. 4
    Candy says:

    Nah on sending the book – Smart Bitches don’t do category.

    Naw, we SO do!

    OK, we haven’t reviewed any yet (that I can remember, anyway). But the Jennifer Crusie Lightning Reviews included ratings of every category romance she’d ever written.

    I have Ruth Wind’s Bombshell TBR. Actually, I have a bunch of her other Silhouettes TBR. Plus much of Patricia Ryan’s and Anne Stuart’s backlist for Harlquin. And AngieW sent me a shitload of other Bombshells to check out because I found the line intriguing. Just haven’t found time to read any of them yet.

    Not that I’m trying to pressure you to send us books or nuttin’ :) , but… we don’t do category? Where’d you get that impression from?

  5. 5
    FerfeLaBat says:

    D-Day is September 1st Steph.


  6. 6
    Stef2 says:

    Well hell, Candy – I guess I pulled it out of my ass.  I don’t know why I thought that.  Maybe because you haven’t done any?  Seriously, I have no idea why I had that stuck in my head.

    There’s a lotta stuff stuck in there that’s undoubtedly untrue, unsafe, and completely wrong.  Hmm.

    Sorry about that!

    And dude, I’m glad to send along the books – not so much for a review, but so you can maybe see the difference in the line.  To me, that’s what’s been cool about it – they’ve got such a wide variety of tones and storylines.

    Cindy!  I’ll be skulking around the bookstore at the lake on Labor Day weekend, in search of the book.  Revenge will be MINE!  Mwahahahahaha!


  7. 7
    Stef2 says:

    I apologize for the lame joke.

  8. 8
    Nicole says:

    hey…I say Steph sends it to me, since I really want to read her books. 

    and don’t apologize for the lame joke.  it IS the smart bitches site, home of lame jokes, among other things.

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