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So Sarah and I successfully broke our adserver, then successfully resurrected it. It’s working now. If not, we’re ready to kick, bludgeon and otherwise violently punish it until it behaves again.

We’ve also created a spiffy terms and conditions page. Just click on the Ads button up above. Or click on the button you see shilling our ad space off to the right. Or click on this link.

One more thing: Is the ad breaking anybody’s layout? Emma, are you still having issues with the sidebar appearing at the bottom? I’ve tested this on three different browsers (IE, Firefox and Netscape) running on Windows 2000, but more feedback would be good. Let us know of any problems in the comments.



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  1. 1
    Angela H says:

    It’s breaking my layout big time.

  2. 2
    Angela H says:

    Forgot to mention, I’m on Internet Explorer.

  3. 3
    Candy says:

    OK, I shrank the ad. Is it still breaking your layout, Angela?

  4. 4
    cw says:

    The bunny! Not the bunny!

    Man. That sucker is so cute.

    (No probs with Firefox, btw)

  5. 5

    I’m on Explorer and am having no problems. But the sweet little bunny… agh… can’t stand it.

  6. 6
    Candy says:

    There rarely are problems with Firefox. Firefox seems to handle crap with a lot more grace than IE.

    I’m on IE right now, and the layout is peachy-keen and unbroken. But that doesn’t mean anything….

    Anyone else having problems? Anyone?



  7. 7
    fiveandfour says:

    Using IE now and no problems.  On OSX (with Safari for the surfer) at home I noticed that the layout was fine, but that previously nothing was appearing in the little orange box.  I’ll try to remember to check again tonight and let you know if it’s still wonky or if I can see the CUTEST DAMNED BUNNY EVER.  I have nothing to advertise, but I may have to take out an ad anyway for the sake of the bunny :).

  8. 8
    Angela H says:

    I’m good!

  9. 9
    Arethusa says:

    I’m on Safari, OSX and it was always working fine for me, even when it was the bunny was an orange box.

  10. 10
    Candy says:

    Angela, glad to hear that shrinking the ad a bit worked for you.

    “I have nothing to advertise, but I may have to take out an ad anyway for the sake of the bunny.”

    YES, fiveandfour. Think of the bunny. The wee, defenceless little mite. And of course, for other compassionate souls, we do have the following note on our ads page:

    “Ads do not have to be about books or author promotion, or even for products. If you feel like trumpeting how much you like wearing dryer-fresh panties on your head, feel free.”

    The latter is just an example, of course. Feel free to pimp whatever, up to and including “Candy is SO GODDAMN WRONG when it comes to Linda Howard novels,” as long as it’s not what we consider inappropriate content (furry porn, Harry Potter twincest m-preg fanfic, on-line stores that sell sweaters decorated with puffy paint, etc.).

  11. 11
    Wendy says:

    I’m a total Netscape whore, and it looks super fantastic for me.  I think I’m running Netscape 7.2 here on my office computer.

    BTW, love the bunny!  Hell, I’m tempted to by an ad and I have nothing to advertise.

  12. 12
    Doug Hoffman says:

    Netscape 7.1, and I’m just fine.

  13. 13
    fiveandfour says:

    OK, at home now and the bunny is as cute as ever.  I’m trying really, really hard to remember why farmers and such think they’re pests.  How can anything so darned kawai be a pest?

  14. 14
    Maili says:

    Fiveandfour, look to this film Night of the Lepus for an intelligent explanation why farmers have an issue with those wild bunnies.

  15. 15
    fiveandfour says:

    Oh man, Maili, that’s breaking my heart!  How could anyone make sweet little bunnies with their soft fur and floppy ears and wittle twitchy noses into giant mutants?!  That’s just so very wrong – like that giant rabbity thing in Donnie Darko.  OK, granted, bunnies eventually breed like, um, rabbits, and all those rabbits have to eat, but still…

    Now, butterflies, that’s another story.  I still have a bit of a thing about them after seeing some movie as a kid late at night that followed the plot of The Birds, but instead of birds, it was butterflies that were eeevil.  ::Shudder::  I just know when butterflies are sitting there on a branch flapping their wings, seemingly doing nothing, they’re actually plotting something nefarious.

  16. 16
    Candy says:

    Speaking as someone who loves bunnies and has seriously considered adopting them at various points in her life:


    No joke.

    Put two strange bunnies together, and you’ll have a bloodbath. A couple of months ago, I had to drive my friend who works in rabbit rescue and her pet rabbit to the emergency vet office because one of her foster bunnies climbed/leaped over her pen and attacked Moss, her 7-year-old dwarf bunny. Chewed a huge-ass hole on Moss’s hind leg before my friend could separate them, and she got bitten several times in the bargain.

    The Very Tall Husband also used to own bunnies. One of them, his prize-winning rabbit, was just plain mean. When she was out of her rabbit run, she fucked up his cats if they so much as looked at her cross-eyed. Seriously, she had a bunch of feisty outdoor cats running scared from her.

    Bunnies, man. Don’t underestimate them, ‘cause they will CUT CHOO LIKE A PEEEEG.

  17. 17
    Amy E says:

    Okay, weird.  I clicked on the ad and it closed down all my Explorer windows, then opened a new one with the hurricane link.  Strange.

  18. 18
    Candy says:

    Huh. It’s behaving all right on mine. Amy, can you try clicking on one of the other ads and see if the same thing happens?

  19. 19
    fiveandfour says:

    Huh.  So bunnies are like the plot device of the attractive woman who’s sweet to the men but a major c*** to the women.  Then all of the men think she’s beautiful and kind and wonderful until the moment when she has a bitchy hissy fit not realizing there’s some man listening in from outside the door.  But once the truth behind the mask is known, the gloves come off and there’s no holding back.  Your cover is blown now, rabbits, we know just what you are! 

    Elmer Fudd is my new hero.  When I think of the trials and tribulations he has endured over the years at the hands of Bugs Bunny…  Not to mention the disdain of those of us that didn’t know what he was up against and always thought him just a little old fool with a bit of a speech impediment and an over-fondness for shotguns (which could have been taken as compensating for something, but now I realize that’s clearly not the case, he’s got cajones to spare).  How could I have ever doubted you, dear Elmer—and can you ever forgive me?

    But, dang this is sad: another one of my illusions just went down the drain.

  20. 20
    Candy says:

    Hehe. There are rabbits who are goofy and sweet and wouldn’t hurt anything for the world. One of my friend’s former rescue rabbits, a rex (they feel AMAZING, give new meaning to the word “velvety soft”), grew up around a bunch of dogs. He thinks he’s a dog, too. He’ll come right up to you and try to play and nuzzle, which is pretty rare for a bunny. Most bunnies resemble snotty cats in attitude. They’ll come up to be petted and loved if they’re in the mood. Otherwise, attempts to pet them will piss them off, and they’ll run off with a really disdainful flick of their hind feet. If you persist and REALLY piss them off, there’s a good chance they’ll growl at you.

    Have you heard a rabbit growling? They sound uncannily like a dog. The first time I heard 4-lb. Moss growling at me, I nearly passed out from laughing. Such a fierce sound for such a teeny little funnyfaced thing.

  21. 21
    Gabriele says:

    The True Evil are the Plotbunnies, though. :-)

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