How’d I Miss This?

Did everyone else go see the AAR Cover Contest results and I was the only one who forgot to look and see the winners?

I love that (a) I was quoted and (b) the oral sex in the car won worst cover. Dang that cover is… well, I don’t know what it is.


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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Rumor has It

    - how the fuck do you physically do this?! Took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on.

    Dad Interrupted

    the guy looks preggers & constipated. Not a good start for romance.

    Stangers in Paradise

    why are they praying outside? Are they about to be canonized?

    Be My Baby

    Hate those animal ear hats. Animal mittens are cute, but not the hats. Also HATE the “garter as headband” look on baby girls. Just pierce her ears, damnit!

    Bushwhacked Groom

    she looks like she’s gonna practice giving head on the gun & the dude- what a weird smirk.

    Pirate’s Jewel

    - Sex on the beach is fine but not if you’re about to be run over by the ship before you’re done (after maybe?).

    Denim Det.

    cute ass is ok, but badge ruins the view.

    The other cartoon covers were childish. Go to Cartoon Network & beg for better artists.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    I love Bushwacked Groom, mostly because Hubby took one look at that cover and said, “my God, what is going on in there?!”

  3. 3
    SandyO says:

    No, No, No.  You guys have it all wrong.  Rumor Has It isn’t about oral sex.  He’s just trying to blow up a life size inflatable doll.

    Oh well, either way I think it violates an RWA standard or something. ;)

  4. 4
    Amy E says:

    Haven’t laughed so hard at covers since I found SBTB and read the entire backlist of Covers Gone Wild in one sitting.  OMG, that winning cover is just… wow.  Anatomically impossible, intellectually crippling, and visually stunning—and not in the good sense of the word.

  5. 5

    I hates the cartoon covers…hates them, my precioussss….

    I just keep looking at Rumor Has It. The others don’t really get me all that much, though that baby should seriously sue her parents for doing that to her once she comes of age. And the comment about the Ass That Solves Crimes. Made me think of that George MIchael video.

    It’s just…Ack. AFAIK, HQ uses Photoshopped pics of real people. What artist got jiggy with that? The only way that hand can be there is if there’s a threesome going on with Thing from the Addams Family.

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    Isn’t there a yoga pose like that, where you lie on your collarbone in a pose of divine supplication, with your legs bent back over your head enabling you to reach forward through the car seat of clarity to the back end of the man of satisfaction?

  7. 7
    white raven says:

    Oh, cool!  Thanks for the heads-up on that.  I’d completely forgotten about it.  Just finished reading the results.  I was quoted three times!  *basks in my 15 seconds of fame*

  8. 8
    Sarah says:

    Quoted three times! WOW – the most I’ve ever scored was being quoted twice. I bow to your masterful wit!

  9. 9
    E.D'Trix says:

    LOL! I had forgotten about that too! I was forced to vote for Be My Baby because of the seriously lame dimwitted bunny baby, coupled with the ‘hero’s’ extremely disturbing ardor towards said bunny. But all of them were truly awful…

    Off to pout because I was quoted exactly zero times…*sob*

  10. 10

    There seems to be a trend of babies/children with leering models. Can’t they find a model who has a kids, or at least, is better at faking a fatherly expression?

  11. 11
    Jennifer says:

    Sweet jesus, I can’t even tell what parts of the anatomy that picture is AT ALL. It’s outright gross. It’s like legs + tits + god knows what, fused together into one monstrosity.

  12. 12
    Robyn says:

    I cannot breathe, and I darn near had a Depends moment when I saw Bushwhacked Groom.

    Doesn’t she know better than to lick a gun that’s still smoking? She’ll get blisters.

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