FAQ is up!

See that bright shiny new “FAQ U” button up on the navigation bar? Yeah, the brand spankin’ new FAQ section is up, bitches. Go check it out. Sarah and I are still working on our “About Us” pages, wherein we provide you with glorious amounts of TMI and cute cat pictures. (Or at least, I plan to, mwahahaha.)



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  1. 1
    cw says:

    Heehee! Good stuff.

    Now when are you getting to the rest of them?

    (I have GOT to see the VTH-ventriloquist and Chinese doll pic…)

  2. 2
    Candy says:

    Workin’ on it. DAMN there are a lot of questions!

    I was searching through various backup CDs a couple of days ago and couldn’t find the ventriloquist dummy photo. I KNOW I scanned it, but I can’t find it, wah. You might have to settle for another Candy-is-a-midget picture instead.

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