Taking the weekend off!

OK, darlings, I’m off to Seattle to see The Shins. [insert prolonged squee] Then I’m off to southern Oregon to attend the Not-Particularly-Tall Father-in-Law’s retirement party. [insert prolonged ZZZZZZZZZZ] However, thanks to the magic of ExpressionEngine’s post-dating abilities, I have provided scintillating, timely content that’s set to post over the next three days.

See y’all Monday, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. (In other words: don’t molest the livestock or the kids; everything else is fair game.)



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    Beth says:

    MAN, I’m jealous you get to see The Shins. Have fun. And take pictures. And post them. And tell The Shins I love them.

    Okay, I’ll just go back to my boring life-o-drudgery now.

  2. 2
    white raven says:

    Have a good time!

  3. 3
    Candy says:

    Sneaking a quick moment on my friend’s computer, mwaha. I’m such an addict.

    Anyway, quick notes on the concert, for the three people reading this who know (or care) who The Shins are:

    - The Bank of America Arena? SUCKS. Poor James Mercer sounded as if he was singing in a tin can all night.

    - Given the shitty acoustics, The Shins still sounded pretty fucking amazing.

    - Penultimate surreal moment: Somebody throwing a bra at James Mercer.

    - Ultimate surreal moment: People moshing and wave-surfing. To The Shins. This may very well beat seeing a couple of meatheads headbang their way through an Interpol concert. I always wonder: did these guys get lost on their way to the Velvet Revolver concert, or what?

    - Funniest moment: the keyboardist telling everyone to turn on their cellphones and wave them in the air for one of their slow songs. I can’t remember the title, but it’s from Chutes Too Narrow, and it’s the one that goes “So now it’s like a book you read in reverse/so you understand less as the pages turn/or a movie so crass and awkwardly cast/Even I could be the star.” Anyway, seeing the stadium become a veritable galaxy of little blue LCD screen dots was funny and pretty and sad all at once. There were a couple of actual lighters, but they were far outnumbered by the cellphones.

    - They played three new songs plus they covered some song by the Magnetic Fields. No idea who the Magnetic Fields are (my Indier-than-thou friends Mike and Andy had to inform me of this fact), but now I’ll have to check them out. All four unknown songs sounded amazing.

    - I get to see them again Sunday night at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. The acoustics there don’t suck donkey balls, HOORAY.

  4. 4
    Beth says:

    You see them AGAIN?! SO jealous. The Magnetic Fields? Awesome. (I’ve been wanting their 69 Love Songs album forever.) The whole idea of The Shins covering them makes me wanna cry with jealousy.

    Um. I feel like I should say something about Romance novels now. Um. Hey – how about a lyric from The Magnetic Fields, my fave love song?

    The Book of Love is long and boring.
    No one can lift the damn thing.
    It’s full of charts and facts and figures,
    and instructions for dancing.
    But I—
    I love it when you read to me,
    and you—
    You can read me anything.

    There. Love + music = back on topic.

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