I don’t care if you’re an asshole, as long as you write a good story.

Today’s (uhhh, actually, yesterday’s) Romancing the Blog entry was about author blogs influencing book-buying decisions. With me, it really boils down to this: If I refrained from reading books written by assholes or people whose opinions differ in any way from mine, I’d run out of books pretty damn quick; I think my list of authors would probably be pared down to, like, Eric Schlosser and Jennifer Crusie. Aside from that, I also find it fascinating to read books by people whose views are radically different from mine. A couple of years ago I tried reading Mein Kampf, for example, but I had to quit at page 150 because it was seriously sending me to sleep. I never knew anti-semitic vitriol could be so boring.

Blogs have introduced a lot of authors to me; recently I saw a PBW book written under the Lynn Viehl pseudonym (If Angels Burn) and I picked it up because I recognized the name through her blog. I certainly don’t agree with some of her opinions, but the premise of the book sounded interesting, and hey, if I gave Hitler a chance, I had to extend the same courtesy to PBW, no? (Note: in case it wasn’t obvious, that last remark was strictly in jest, and I’m inserting this clunky disclaimer only because I am completely opposed to using smilies in my blog posts.) The book flunked the 15-page in-store preview, though, and it’s the only reason I didn’t buy it. The other day I saw an Alison Kent book, and while I agree with her views (as presented on her blog, anyway) more than PBW’s and Alison’s on-line persona is much less abrasive, the same thing happened: 15-page preview didn’t grab me, so no go. Monica Jackson’s In My Dreams, on the other hand, passed the 15-page test. And now that I’ve finished the latest Emma Holly I checked out from the library, I’m going to start reading this one, Monica, so the review should be up soon. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

(Funnily enough, I found out about Monica not through her blog, but through LLB’s blog. Anyone else think that if these two meet that there will be a catastrophic explosion such as what happens when matter and anti-matter collide and spontaneously annihilate each other?)

Similarly, I’m interested in checking out other authors’ books whose blogs I read should I see them in the stores. If I see a Holly Lisle book I’ll give it a fair trial, even though I categorically disagree with her stance on abortion. I’ll give Kate Rothwell’s books a try too, ditto Lydia Joyce. Monica Jackson brought up Brenda Coulter in her blog entry about this issue, and though I definitely disagree with Coulter on some things, I’ll check out her books if I see them since I’m still determined to give Inspirationals a fair shot, though God knows when I’ll get around to that because Emma Holly is seriously starting to fuck up my TBR stacks.

That 15-page in-store trial, man. It’s really the final arbiter of what I buy, unless the book’s by an autobuy author. The blog thing? The authors’ entries may make for good rant fodder for this site, but I honestly don’t think it affects my purchasing habits other than the exposure to a huge variety of new-to-me authors.


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    Maili says:

    You lucky bitch. I had to read Mein Kampf, from page one to the end. It’s one of *inhales sharply* most. boring. books. I. have. ever. read. in. my. entire. miserable. short-ish. life. 

    Aside from that issue, I agree. If I were to allow Miss Prissy Little Quine in me to run wild, there would be nothing to read, including my own blog. :D

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    Gotta love the idea that anti-Semitic screed is boring! As the resident Semite, glad to hear that it’s dull!!

    And, blog writing yielding interest in fiction writing is an interesting concept, and I’ve thought a lot about it lately, mostly because I’ve been keeping a blog for 3 years and an online journal for almost 6, and the voice on those pages is entirely different from what I read when I attempt to write fiction. I wouldn’t even be able to reconcile the two. Which is part of the reason I’m not so fond of my own fiction.

  3. 3
    Monica says:

    Howling at the thought of what would happen if LLB and I met up.  We could sell tickets to the spectacle, grease up, and start scrappin’. 

    We’d make a bundle.

    And I’d so beat her ass.

  4. 4
    Meljean says:

    I found Monica through LLB, too :D

    My blog is nothing like my fiction—heck, not sure what my blog is, except a place to get all fangirly about guys in tights.

    Like you, I’ve picked up books because of blogs, but I don’t necessarily buy them. I love that I have more of a ‘name’ awareness that I might have before, but I can separate the blog/personality from the book. 

    What I want to know is: where are all those really bitchy blogs that were mentioned in the RTB article? I see a ranty post once in a while at various blogs, but no one is consisently bitchy. Snarky, yes—but that’s always a great thing.

    I wanna see the bitchery!

  5. 5
    Candy says:

    If I were Empress of the World and got to hold gladiatorial matches like Rome of old, the first two matches I’d orchestrate would be Monica vs. LLB, and Beth vs. Gaelen Foley.

  6. 6
    Beth says:

    Okay, you made me choke laughing. I still like the image of putting her two bichon frises in a cage match with the mighty mighty Thunderpussy. Maybe I’ll make a bumper sticker: my pet can kick your pets’ asses!

  7. 7
    Candy says:

    As Empress of the World, I declare that the Thunderpussy and Foley Bichon-Frise cage match would indeed be awesome. It’d be even more awesome if they were shaved first, then oiled, then had little Mexican wrestling masks tied on their wee faces. Not only would it look hilarious, those animals would be so fuckin’ PISSED.

  8. 8
    Monica says:

    I’m going to start reading this one, Monica, so the review should be up soon. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

    I’m braced.  I posted my handy-dandy Author Calming Visualization Aid on my site.  With that, I can take anything.  Bring it on!

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