It’s April, and You Been Fooled!

Update: Business as usual now, our fake front page has been moved to its own folder for posterity. Link is below, and feel free to bookmark it and enjoy the adorable bunnies as necessary.

Hope you enjoyed the bunnilicous new front page. For those of you who missed it because you got here via a bookmark or some other link that didn’t direct you to the home page, you can see the diabetes-inducing horror here. Click on any of the bunny photos to get back to the blog.



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  1. 1
    Amy G. says:

    Bwah!!!! Tea. All. Over. My. Monitor.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    I have to come right out and say, Candy snazzed up the joint originally, and her Fuzzy Bunnies was just inspired-  nice goin’ partner!

  3. 3
    Jennifer says:


  4. 4
    Giselle says:

    Bunnies!!!! Yipeeeee :lol:

  5. 5
    Candy says:

    I have to admit, one of the bunnies is now gracing my computer desktop. I crumbled under the cuteness of the baby bunnies and the supah-fuzziness. Even after I was done making the page, I kept Googling for more pictures of baby rabbits and cooing and squeeing at the cuteness. It’s a disease.

    For those of who’ve never seen it, go check out Oolong the Amazing Bunny Who Balances Crap On His Head. The site’s in Japanese, but scroll down until you see a list of links, and just start clicking away. They’re all good, and some of them are seriously beautiful photos, and most of them are just friggin’ hilarious.

    And Sarah: thanks for coming up with the idea of starting this site, partner. We wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you.


  6. 6
    Beth says:

    I didn’t laugh like crazy when I saw the cute fuzzy bunny take over. I just chuckled a bit and rolled my eyes and thought “oh yeah – April Fools. Dem bitches are crazy, I tells ya.”

    But when I read “I have to admit, one of the bunnies is now gracing my computer desktop. I crumbled under the cuteness of the baby bunnies and the supah-fuzziness” – I lost it. See, now THAT’S comedy, the whole hoisted on your own petard thing. Bwah!

  7. 7
    Candy says:

    O Beautiful Beth, whyfore you laugh at my pain?

    *cries softly*

  8. 8
    Beth says:

    I do not laugh at your pain. I laugh at your shame.

    And I repeat: Bwah!

  9. 9
    Charlene says:

    Bunnies! Best April Fool I’ve seen since I worked at HP. (Those guys were scary creative) Thanks for the laugh!

  10. 10
    cw says:

    I chuckled over this all day.

    Yes, those bunnies are damned cute. And dammit, the comments are even funnier! :P

  11. 11
    Jenny says:

    Awwww. Such Cute Bunnies!!
    I’m glad I found the real site though. I simply couldn’t fit bunnies and bitches together in the same sentence. Especially all dose widdle sweet ones…
    Spewed coffee over the covers gone wild.
    You need a warning on that page. ‘Do not eat or drink while viewing’
    Great job ladies! (er, bitches)

  12. 12
    Jaynie R says:

    Didn’t you ladies watch Buffy?  Bunnies are not cute – they are evil.  Scared the shit out of me when I came here this morning.  Well done.

  13. 13
    cw says:

    Jaynie, you just reminded me of the Monty Python bit with the killer rabbits! :D

  14. 14
  15. 15
    Candy says:

    Yes! I saw that a couple of days ago, and I thought “EEK, I hope the inspirational romances I pick up won’t be like that.” Anyway, the publisher’s reaction is just the icing on the cake. “And, unbeknownst to you, it helps us when “politically correct, hate anything Christian” liberals choose sides as you have done in the culture wars. By the way, we’re winning.”


  16. 16
    Kate says:

    The person who pointed me to the link is a Christian publisher who was appalled by Eccleston. (She said something along the lines of this is just what her little corner of the publishing world doesn’t need.)

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