Whoa, Eerie

I mentioned the Manolo in my babbling below, and this is the first thing I saw when I checked his site out after submitting my entry:


Eerie. And also: terrifying. The thought of both Kirstie Alley and Fabio on a romance novel cover is painful enough to make a hardened man cry. And isn’t that picture one of the signs of the impending apocalypse in the Book of Revelations? Something about “beware the thighs of thunder bedecked in chartreuse satin for it hideth not only the marks of the stretch but also the mark of the beast”?


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  1. 1
    Manolo says:

    Imagine the surprise of the Manolo when he followed the link in his referral logs back to your super fantastic site and found that you were independently talking about exactly the same thing as the Manolo.  It is indeed most odd.

    Muchos Besos,


  2. 2
    Sandy says:

    Wow, you guys are bitchy!  Just discovered your site and I have to say I think you’re going to earn a (undoubtedly much coveted) spot on my daily web rounds.  But, hey, while I’ve got to be polite over there at AAR where those initials follow my name whenever I post, anything goes here – I can be . . . well, bitchy.  Keep up the good work, bitches.  It’s darn smart.


  3. 3
    Candy says:

    Yesss, Sandy, please feel free to let your inner bitch shine, shine shine.

    And eeeeeee, the Manolo has pronounced our site super-fantastic! *faint*

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