This song would make a good love story

I was listening to Oh, Inverted World today after taking a break for a couple of months, and I was reminded of how much I like “Girl Inform Me” and how I’ve always thought it would make a really neat love story. James Mercer, the lead singer of The Shins and dude responsible for much of the songwriting, writes some very pretty poetry. Witness:

Girl, inform me
All my senses warn me your
Clever eyes could easily disguise
Some backwards purpose
It’s enough to make me nervous
D’you harbor sighs, or spit in my eye?

But your lips when we speak
Are the valleys and peaks
Of a mountain range on fire
So let me walk these coals till you believe
I can cut the mustard well enough
Cause you know as soon as breathe we scrutinize

I would sooo hump Mercer in a heartbeat. But then I have a soft spot for those skinny, geeky artfag boys.


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    Little Miss Spy says:

    this is my favorite shins song!

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