Mr. Impossible Countdown!

Only two more days until Mr. Impossible hits the bookstores! Loretta Chase is one of my very favorite authors; together with Laura Kinsale, she’s written more keepers than any other romance author. I was so relieved when I read and loved Miss Wonderful, which is the prequel to Mr. Impossible; The Last Hellion (which was the last book she wrote for ages and ages until Miss Wonderful was published) was a huge disappointment to me and the only book of hers I don’t own. I have high hopes for Mr. Impossible, which is supposed to feature a sweet but not particularly bright hero. Viscount Vagabond featured a similar hero. Max Demowery wasn’t exactly dumb, but he certainly wasn’t bookish, and I really enjoyed his character. I’m hoping the hero in Mr. Impossible proves to be every bit as delightful.

Whoa, what the fuck? I checked Amazon in the beginning of February and the publish date was still set at March 1st. I just checked again, and I find out that the book has been out since February 16th. FEBRUARY 16TH!!!! Off I go to Borders tomorrow to get me a copy.

I’m not complaining, mind you. Just pissed-off that I could’ve been reading this instead of Taboo.



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