More Referrer Madness!

I love looking at the referrer log for this page. Because of the rampant potty-mouth and our choice of domain name, I suspect 95% of our visitors are just confused. as. hell when they click on this particular Google result. “But where are the pictures of the hot bitches humping?” they probably cry into the depths of the night. But no reply awaits them, alas, alas. Just a couple of smart-mouthed chippies talking endlessly about romance novels.

So other search engine results that somehow or the other point unsuspecting schmucks to this website:

  • Gay Dominican cock (now talk about being REALLY disappointed when they actually see what this site is about)
  • Bitches humping bitches (I need to use another term besides “hump”—maybe screw? Bone? Pork? Give her the ole in-out, in-out? Walk the ferret? Spelunk for treasure?)
  • Books about good and vs. evil in Moby Dick (the poor schmuck trying to find help for her college writing assignment was all outta luck, I’m afraid)
  • Blog romance novel published (GOOD GOD, finally, a relevant search result! I’m swooning! Catch me! *splat*)
  • And a bunch of referrals from a series of German porn sites.

So once again, I will mention romance novels and romance novel reviews because this site is really allll about what we love and hate about romance books. Not that it’ll do any good. But I gotta keep trying.


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